From Grief to Relief

(in as little as 3 Days!)

A Healing Meditation made just for you, by Aron Fox, CHt.


Give me 20 minutes of your time and I’ll prepare for you a custom,  made-to-order healing meditation. It’ll be recorded specifically for your needs - including your animal’s name, circumstances around the loss, the people involved, etc.

Listening will help you...

  • Release guilt and lighten the load.

  • Move forward, at your own pace.

  • Replace unwanted patterns with positive & healthy inputs.


For those struggling or stuck in deep grief, this is a VERY effective recovery tool.

Recorded Specifically for Your Needs. Including all the important details about your loss.


Use the Power of Repetition. As you listen and re-listen to your meditation, you will reinforce positive & healthy inputs.


Release Guilt and Heavy Emotions. Imagine your energy lightening up.

Awaken Your Natural Telepathic Receptivity. Track 2 will enhance your receptivity. Connect with your animal friend intuitively.


Take it at your own pace. You’re in charge.


Totally Confidential. Your personal information is used only once - to create your meditation.


Go to the Grief Questionnaire (click the link), fill it out, then click Submit. That will give me lots of important details for making your custom meditation.


Give me a few minutes of your time on the phone (20 minutes at the most).


After we talk, I will send you an email with a shopping cart link to complete your purchase.

Receiving your meditation is simple...

Your Choice:

  • MP3 download plays on any audio-enabled device (smart phone, tablet, computer), via email: $90. You'll have your downloadable file in approx 3 days.

  • CD, via US Postal Mail: $100. Please allow an additional 5 - 7 days for delivery.


For Best Results:


  • Listen to your meditation each day for at least a week.

  • Find a place where you will not be interrupted.

  • Use earphones.