In this guided journey, Jacquelyne leads you through a meditation to help you create an energetic bridge for communicating with your animal companion. It's useful anytime, and especially so when you know your beloved is approaching their exit. Establish the connection that will support your continued relationship.


Here's a short little book trailer video my marketing ladies made. (Thank you Gillian and Janet of Launch4Life.) Check it out...

And here's an interview I did with the ladies. It's about a half-hour. Enjoy...


Here's is a little booklet I put together a while ago, and recently updated. If you're looking for ways to support and nourish your spiritual body, there are a lot of good ideas included here. (Please note: this booklet used to be called Tools for Transformation).

Here's another piece that may prove useful for you. It's my personal take on what to look out for when you are scouting around for a "psychic." There's a lot of scammers out there. This is my Top 10 Warning Signs list - so you don't fall prey to nasty tricks.

Note: I update this page occasionally. Bookmark it and check back. - J.