Beloved Connections

Why did your animal choose you?

When we form a deep and intimate connection with an Animal Companion, there’s almost always a backstory. Whether you know it or not, you were chosen. I would be honored to help you discover why.

There is an etheric trail that connects beloveds across time and space. That trail has markers, and they can be followed, explored, and illuminated. That’s what I do. Send me a photo of you and your animal companion, along with a few questions. I will reply with a recording made just for you.

The story of you and your animal friend is like no other. I start with information straight from your animal companion… What is their experience of knowing you? What do they want to share with you or give you? What do they get from you? (The answers may surprise you!)

You’ll also get a detailed description of your bigger story together. Deep soul connections are beyond the here and now. I’ll tune into your history together and explore why you came together again in this life.


Celebrate this sacred, intimate connection and deepen your understanding of the purpose of your love. (Note: it matters not if your beloved is alive or passed. Love is love, and it is timeless.)

It’s a very simple process…

1. Send me a photo of the two of you together. Preferably just you two. (If you do not have such a picture, you can send a couple of pictures and I can connect the dots. But please make it clear who any other animals or people are, and what their relation is to your animal beloved.)

2. I’ll also need your name and your animal companion’s name – including any nicknames or sweetheart names you use. (For example, if your cat is named Alexander, but you call him Boo, that’s good to know.)

3. You can send up to three questions. It can be anything. If they’re passed already, you could ask about a reunion. If they’re new to your home, you may want to find out what they need to be happy. Or maybe you just want to know why this one is so special. Whatever is important for you, any three questions – you pick.

You can send it all via email (jacquelyne@lovingandlosing.com) – or via postal mail (PO Box 1910, Bonners Ferry ID 83805). I will do a recorded reading and send you a link to the audio file (plus a link where you can get it transcribed for free if you want). You can download the MP3 file and listen to it on any device, anytime.


Or, if you prefer, I can send the recording by mail as a CD with the photo of you and your beloved burned onto the cover. (For folks who like tangible things, this is a treasured keepsake.) If this is your preference, please note it's a bit more ($190) - and it'll take another week or so for delivery via US Postal Mail. Please email me to place your order (rather than using the PayPal button below) so we make sure we have the correct mailing address, and we will handle the charge to your credit card from our office.

I  love doing these types of readings, and would be happy to do one for you.

- Jacquelyne Ellis



Downloadable audio file, delivery via email (allow 5 - 7 days)