When you bond deep in your heart with an animal companion, that's a very BIG love... And if you lose them (for whatever reason) it's a very BIG loss. And BIG grief.

They say time heals all wounds.


Not so.


Recovering from grief takes more than just time.


It takes support. Real support. And that can be hard to find.


You see, animal companion loss is a different sort of heartache. All too often it goes unacknowledged, minimized, or misunderstood.


No more.


Support is available. No matter where you are, or what time of day or night it may be, when that pain surfaces (as it most certainly will...) you have a compassionate, insightful, and heart-healing place to turn.


Jacquelyne Ellis has created a book like no other... It gets to the core of what makes losing a beloved animal companion so painful - and it actively guides you toward finding your own path to recovery.


Plus, it includes links to 9 audio journeys and healing meditations. They've all been designed to directly address the loss, grief, and heartache that so often goes with losing an animal companion. Listen anytime, anywhere.* These journeys will really help you move through healing the pain.


What makes this book so special?

Well, for starters... It's based on over 20,000 intuitive readings with animal companions and their people.

Hi. I'm Jacquelyne Ellis, and I'm a dog mom, professional intuitive, and animal communicator. At least half of the calls I get are about animal companions. Often it's when a dear one is approaching their end. 

I've talked with thousands of beloveds, both in form and after they've passed.  Now you can tap into all of the most practical and profound insights I've gleaned from 30+ years of "whispering" with animals.


​Plus, it comes with a carefully crafted collection of guided meditations and audio journeys, all designed to help you and your animal beloved move through this time with greater peace and ease. (These are all mp3 files, so you can stream them online, or download and listen to them anytime, anywhere.*)


Building the Bridge

(before they pass)

​In this guided journey, Jacquelyne leads you through a meditation to help you create an energetic bridge for communicating with your animal companion. It's useful anytime, and especially so when you know your beloved is approaching their exit. Establish the connection that will support your continued relationship.


When Your Animal Companion Is Dying

In this guided journey, Jacquelyne provides you with deep understanding and compassion, from a truly different perspective. It is profoundly supportive and honoring of both you and your animal beloved, and the love you share. It will help you get to a place of being able to say Goodbye.


Helping Your Animal Companion Die More Gently

If you know your animal beloved is struggling to pass, please listen to this meditation. It guides you through a process to help them slip out of their physical form. Sometimes, with just a little bit of support, they can go on their own, without veterinarian assistance.


After Your Animal Companion Has Passed

In this guided journey, Jacquelyne leads you into experiencing your animal beloved’s soul or spiritual nature. You can complete any unfinished business between the two of you, and learn how to take the first steps of continuing the connection with them.


Bag It

This meditation is designed to help you lighten the load of heavy feelings from your heart and body. Relax and follow along as Jacquelyne guides you through a simple process. You’ll experience more lightness and easier breathing, and perhaps even some relief from guilt, regret or sadness.


Continuing the Connection

(After They've Passed)

This meditation is for you, after your beloved has passed. Yes, continued relationship and even certainty of future communication is possible. Jacquelyne  guides you through the experience. You can enjoy an ongoing dialogue between the worlds.


A Meditation To Clear Guilt

Your guilt will get released profoundly, from that deep place inside. As the turmoil settles, your natural etheric receptivity can come alive. Now you can begin telepathic exchanges with your beloved animal companion.


Journey To Your Inner Sanctuary

Discover your own sacred site. It's within you. This can become your go-to place where those exchanges happen. Visit often. That makes it more real.


When You Are Ready

(Who's next?)

During this meditative journey, you will get a glimpse of a possible future animal companion... And this one seems to be aware of you already.

*Listen anytime, anywhere...

  1. These guided audio journeys and meditations are all mp3 files. You can stream them online, or download and listen to them on any audio-enabled device. (That means they'll work on any Mac or PC computer, tablet, smartphone, or music player.)

  2. These guided journeys will take you into a state of deep relaxation and healing. It's best if you can settle into a comfy spot, or take a nice easy walk while listening.

  3. For safety's sake, please do not drive a car or operate heavy machinery while listening.

Jacquelyne's long-time collaborator, Aron Fox, CHt. has also contributed to the book,

including a few more guided audio journeys...

And finally...

There's a Money Back Guarantee!

Yep, that's right.

If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase.

That is how confident we are that this ebook (and all of the audio journeys that are included with it) will really help as you work your way through your grieving process.

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